All Switch Consoles Cracked: Nintendo Went Insane
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Nintendo can't fight against Team-Xecuter, because the latter allows users to crack the Switch consoles without the Internet.
The Nintendo Switch has become very popular, achieving sales second only to the PS4 and has achieved great success. Due to strong demand, Nintendo even decided to increase Switch production by 20% in the new fiscal year. However, there is still a thorny problem before Nintendo, that is, the Switch has been cracked by the whole system. This obviously affects its more profitable game sales.

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Team-Xecuter broke the first generation of Switch as early as 2018. This year, it has developed SX Core and SX Lite tools to achieve a hard break for all Switch series. Due to hardware vulnerabilities, the current standard version, the so-called battery life version, and Switch Lite released last year have been cracked. The…
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