Bayern Munich's Kingsley Coman couldn't sub in against FC Barcelona due to an unexpected toilet trip
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If you've got to go, you've got to go... Kingsley Coman's substitution attempt had to be cancelled as Coman had to make a visit to the toilet mid-game.
After another brilliant performance for Bayern Munich by 18-year-old wonderkid, Jamal Musiala on the weekend, it was clear that Julian Nagelsmann would rely on the German winger in the clash against FC Barcelona. Kingsley Coman was also a part of Nagelsmann's plans, but an unanticipated trip to the washroom reduced that role to a 82nd minute entrance.

A little after Musiala set up Lewandowski's for the 2-0 goal after Musiala's initial shot came off the woodwork in front of the net, his time on the pitch was supposed to end. Kingsley Coman was ready to come on and the fourth referee light up the scoreboard with the lights "42" and "11". However, no such substitution was made.

So what happened to Coman? The…
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