Blind to Pakistan's Meddling in Afghanistan? Experts Aghast at US 'Delusion' About Ally's Taliban Links
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Pakistan's quest to handhold the Taliban after its hostile takeover of Afghanistan last month has set minds racing and tongues wagging.
After Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Hamid Faiz was spotted in the capital Kabul a few days ago, many have said Pakistan is once again up to its meddlesome ways. While the previous regime routinely accused Pakistan of aiding the Taliban, Islamabad has denied the charge time and again.

China, Russia and India are worried about Pakistan's aid to the new Taliban government and what it could mean for security and diplomacy in the South Asia region. Over the past few days, each country has stressed that Afghanistan should not become a "breeding ground for terror groups". Even Australia expressed its concerns during the 2+2 ministerial meeting with India on Saturday. There's only one catch: Pakistan's superpower ally, the United States, seems to have missed the memo on Pakistan's prodding in Taliban affairs.

The Taliban, in a shocking turn of events, has also blamed Pakistan for "tarnishing" the military group's image. A fresh audio has gone viral indicating a rift between the Taliban and Pakistan over the cabinet positions and Faiz's interference in the matter.

In the words of C Christine Fair, a professor at Georgetown University's security studies programme, Pakistan has "spent decades setting fires in South Asia — and then expected praise and remuneration for offering to put them out". In a hard-hitting article in Foreign Policy, Fair has referred to a tweet by American senator Lindsey Graham that talks about Pakistan being a part of a "sustainable solution" in Afghanistan.

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