Climate change: Water risks highest in Asia, says Moodys report
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The Moody's report said risks are more pronounced for water-intensive sectors like mining, agriculture and power
risks tied to the existing supply and quality issues, as well as risks amplified by climate change, pose credit challenges across multiple sectors in Asia, particularly in parts of South and Southeast Asia where water scarcity or mismanagement is already prevalent, said a report released on Wednesday.

According to the report by Moody's Investors Service, risk factors include the availability and cleanliness of water, the adequacy of water transport and treatment infrastructure, the impact of economic activity on supply and pollution, and the effect of regulations.

and environmental impact of economic activity are one of the parameters on which (Environmental, Social and Governance) ratings are done for companies and funding which could be in the form of equity or debt through various instruments.

In a separate development, announced a new initiative — Sustainable Fitch — that brings out…
Jyoti Mukul
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