Covid-19 Vaccination Linked with Reduced Household Transmission: Study
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People without immunity against COVID-19 are at a significantly lower risk of infection and hospitalisation as the number of family members with immunity from a previous infection or full vaccination increases, according to a nationwide study in Sweden.
The research, published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, found that there was a dose-response association between the number of immune individuals in each family and the risk of infection and hospitalisation in non-immune family members.

Non-immune family members had a 45 to 97 per cent lower risk of infection and hospitalisation, as the number of immune family members increased, the researchers said.

"The results strongly suggest that vaccination is important not only for individual protection but also for reducing transmission, especially within families, which is a high-risk environment for transmission," said Peter Nordstrom, a professor at Umea University in Sweden. The researchers noted that there is a vast body of research showing that…
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