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"We have isolated them and we have tested. There's a total of 21 cases," he said. The most recent case discovered was earlier this week after an inmate
went to court and told a judge he felt like he had the virus. A test showed the inmate did have COVID.

There are 70 active cases across the state in Department of Correction facilities, including one at the Northeast Correctional Center. Reburn said there have been 46 deaths statewide from the virus. That includes five from Northeast, with the last one occurring Oct. 19, 2020.

Lowe said as long as inmates only have flu-like symptoms, they remain at the detention center. "Inmates who test positive are quarantined in the infirmary," Reburn said. "In the event that bed space runs out at the infirmary, plans are in place to utilize a housing unit."

Reburn said when treatment is beyond what the DOC…
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