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DNA Exclusive: Privacy of data in digital world is just an illusion; check details here
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Data Protection in the digital era is a major challenge. You may break your mobile phone, burn it or drain it in water, but your data will remain alive in the universe of the internet. People tend to lead a life where appearance is different from reality.
New Delhi: What they show in front of the world is different from what they have protected under the password. Once this comes out, they are exposed before the world.

People, therefore, have started talking about changing their passwords every 6 months, especially after the drug case of Bollywood, wherein, private chats of big celebrities are now in the public domain. It can also happen with you anytime and all your secrets can be exposed in front of the world.

70 million Internet users in India are thinking afresh about the security of their data. The DNA analysis will tell you how unsafe is your data despite big claims of the technology companies, and how can you make it more secure.

First, let's talk about WhatsApp data. Around 400 million people in India use WhatsApp, but they probably do not know that their chat, which they consider safe and private, can be exposed before the world. To avoid that situation, you should never take screenshots of your WhatsApp chats with any person or group.

WhatsApp chats are encrypted. Generally, no one can read it except two persons who exchange these messages, but once you take a screenshot of your conversation, then this gets saved in your mobile phone. In case, your phone is stolen or your mobile phone is not password protected, these chats can be read by someone else.

You should never store your WhatsApp's backup data in the Cloud storage or in the local storage of your mobile phone. If you are using an Android phone, you must have noticed that WhatsApp prepares a backup of your data every night at 2 O'clock and this backup is safe in your mobile phone for 10 days. iPhone users also have their data stored on I-Cloud, but this data stored on the cloud or on mobile phones is not encrypted, therefore, it can be easily…
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