Ex-US NSA's Warning For India Amid "Extremely Dangerous'' Situation In South Asia

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America's "humiliating" troop withdrawal from Afghanistan resulting in the Pakistan-backed Taliban capturing power in Kabul has created an "extremely dangerous" situation in South Asia where India could suffer a cycle of sectarian violence similar t
General (retired) HR McMaster said this during a Congressional hearing on Afghanistan. (File)

o the one seen in the Middle East, a former US NSA has said during a key Congressional hearing.

General (retired) HR McMaster said this during a Congressional hearing on Afghanistan on Wednesday.

"I think it's an extremely dangerous situation in South Asia broadly...I do think that it is in China's interest, right? That the Pakistani government and Army go after these jihadist groups less selectively. It's also in the interest obviously of security and stability across South Asia."

"One of the greatest dangers I think would be India suffering this kind of cycle of sectarian violence that you see across the greater Middle East. That could be incited by some of these groups like, you know, al-Qaeda and Lashkar-e-Taiba," McMaster told members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

He said the world and the US are in a more dangerous situation than they were on September 10, 2001.

"The reason we're not seeing attacks like 9/11 are because of our defensive capabilities that we've developed. But these groups are growing stronger," he said.

Jihadist terrorist organisations are not only growing larger in numbers, more confident and richer, they are also becoming more destructive, McMaster, who was one of the national security advisors of former president Donald Trump, said.

"Our humiliating withdrawal left terrorists with billions of dollars of weapons. Those weapons will be shared among the…
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