Has Samsung delayed the Galaxy Z Flip 2 release to late 2021?

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Samsung has successfully kickstarted the foldable segment with not one but two foldable smartphone series going by the names of ...
Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. We all know this, even though it's easy to forget how amazing it is that Samsung already offers more than a single foldable series just one year into its journey. Regardless, Samsung is in a position to launch a new foldable device every six months just like it does with regular smartphones, and thus normalize the concept even further. But this might not happen, according to @DSCCRoss on Twitter.

If Samsung will follow a six month launch schedule for its two foldable series then the company should unveil the Galaxy Z Flip 2 around February next year. However, @DSCCRoss claims that the Galaxy Z Flip 2 may not get launched until the third quarter of 2021, adding that unless Samsung has plans to release a discounted Fold SE then there will be no new foldables from the company until Q3 2021.

No reason to worry about a Galaxy Z Flip 2 release delay yet

No reasons or explanations were given as to why this might happen.…
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