Here's all you need to know about pursuing higher education in Australia
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Students with academic merit can avail scholarships to  offset the hefty tuition fees
Australia has topped the list of popular overseas destinations for Indian students for quite some time. Apart from certain isolated challenging circumstances, Australia happens to be a chart topper for Indian students looking to study abroad.

Nevertheless, there are certain key things that must be taken care of prior to going to Australia so that things go smoothly for you right from the start.

Tuition in Australia

In Australia, international students spend around AUD 12,000 to AUD 40,000 (around ₹6.5 lakh to ₹21 lakh) per annum on course fees, depending upon the type of course they are enrolled into. For top varsities like the University of Sydney and University of Melbourne, the fees for a master's programme will be approximately AUD 47,500 (around ₹25 lakh) and AUD 37,000 (around ₹20 lakh), respectively.

If the student wishes to study at varsities like James Cook University or University of Tasmania, the fees will be AUD 14,740 (around ₹8 lakh) and AUD 33,950 (around ₹ 18 lakh) per year.

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Also, there are universities like Charles Sturt University and Australian Catholic University, which charge students AUD 33,216 (around ₹18 lakh) and AUD 32,000 (around ₹ 17 lakh) for a master's programme.

Students with academic merit can avail…
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