How To Exercise Your Way To A Good Night's Sleep
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Not getting a good night's sleep? Try these simple exercises to improve your sleep quality and get used to waking up fresh.
"How on earth am I supposed to get a good night's sleep if my mind keeps running a marathon all night long?"

We know what you mean. And we also understand that sleep is a 24-hour process.

A slow-wave sleep aka deep sleep is best experienced when your mind and body are tired in an adequate amount. This is why adding eustress (a positive form of stress that's good for your health) can improve your sleep cycle and quality.

Surely, you can consider building a pre-sleep routine, reduce caffeine intake and drink chamomile tea but working out your way to better sleep quality may show some quick results.

Aerobics Or Cardio Pulling off back-to-back all-nighters while struggling to boost immunity—this year has been particularly stressful. But deep sleep can allow your brain and body to rejuvenate. Moderate aerobics exercise can increase the amount of slow-wave sleep that you get. It can also stabilise your mood and decompose your mind, which is a necessary process of transitioning to sleep. Exercises For Better Sleep: Running, brisk walking, swimming or cycling have helped people in battling insomnia. You can start with a 10-minute routine and slowly, move it up to 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week.

Strength Training Building muscles can…
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