India's Covid-19 mortality data higher than official data: Lancet report
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India has so far reported over four million cases of the coronavirus
The Government of India has vouched for India's high recovery rate that, according to the health ministry, stands at around 77 per cent. However, health experts mentioned in the Lancet report are doubtful of the figures presented by the government.

Lancet has pointed out numerous discrepancies in India's Covid-19 mortality data.

The medical journal mentioned that the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) guidelines stipulate that deceased patients with suspected or probable Covid-19 should be included in mortality data. This is based on World Health Organization's (WHO) ICD-10 codes for Covid-19-related deaths. However, the guidelines are advisory.

Lancet indicated that information about whether state data on deaths include suspected and probable cases are not out in the public domain.

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