Kashmir-focused Pak terror groups in Afghanistan planning to target Indian interests: French think tank

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​​The timing of the publication of the report is significant as India fears a spike in terrorist activities and subsequent instability in Afghanistan as US troops withdraw.
Kashmir-focused Pakistani terror groups are active in Afghanistan and are determined to target India and its interests, alleged a report published on Friday by noted French think-tank 'Centre for Analysis of Terrorism'. "…following the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, one is likely to witness a resurgence of the Taliban and probably a more operational coordination between Pakistan-supported groups like the LET & JEM and the Taliban.Further, as brought out in the 11th report of the UN security Council's Analytic Support Sanctions Monitoring Committee, the linkages between Taliban and al Qa'ida were deepening and that AQ was quietly gaining strength in Afghanistan while continuing to operate under the Taliban's protection," according to the report that sought to highlight global linkages between Pak-based terror groups and global terror outfits.The timing of the publication of the report…
Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury
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