Mass shootings add to mental health problems already affected by COVID-19 - Health Bollyinside
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"When there's something about the case that resonates with you and that you identify with, it's going to have a pretty significant impact," said Dr.
Ronald Acierno, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at UTHealth's McGovern Medical School. "In this case, it was in a store where everybody goes. It's such a common daily activity that's so much a part of us that it's particularly frightening for people." Woojin Kang, 27, cries at the makeshift memorial outside Gold Spa near Acworth, Ga., on March 18, 2021.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), general anxiety, depression and substance abuse are four of the main conditions that can develop because of trauma, especially in those who personally witness a traumatic event, according to Acierno, who is also the director of the Trauma and Resilience Center at UTHealth, where they provide specialized counseling for all forms of trauma, ranging from accidents to violence. The APA surveyed American adults in February, and many reported that since the pandemic started, they have had undesired weight changes, are drinking more alcohol to cope with stress and…
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