Severe COVID can increase self-attacking antibodies: Study
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A STudy suggests that more than 60 per cent of all hospitalised Covid-19 patients, compared to about 15 per cent of healthy controls, carried anti-cytokine antibodies.
Severe COVID can increase self-attacking antibodies: Study | Photo Credit: iStock Images

New York: Hospitalised Covid-19 patients are substantially more likely to harbour autoantibodies -- antibodies directed at their own tissues or at substances their immune cells secrete into the blood -- than people without Covid-19, according to a new study emphasising the need for vaccination. Autoantibodies can be early harbingers of full-blown autoimmune disease.

"If you get sick enough from Covid-19 to end up in the hospital, you may not be out of the woods even after you recover," said PJ Utz, professor of immunology and rheumatology at Stanford University in the US.

In the study published in the journal 'Nature Communications', the team looked for autoantibodies in blood samples drawn during March and April of 2020 from nearly 200 Covid-19 patients. Blood samples…
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