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Treze Futebol Clube is a Brazilian football team from Campina Grande in Paraíba, founded on September 7, 1925. Historically, the club has competed in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A several times. Recently, the club has competed only in lower divisions of the national league, the Copa do Brasil, the regional Copa do Nordeste and the Paraíba State Championship The main rival of Treze is Campinense, another traditional football club from Campina Grande. They have a long-standing rivalry, being collectively known as the Maiorais. This is considered as the most important derby in the countryside of Brazil. There is also a rivalry between Treze and Botafogo (PB), a football club from João Pessoa (Paraíba's capital), due to some historical issues between the two cities. The club own the Presidente Vargas stadium, which has a theoretical capacity of 12,000, but an approved capacity of 3,800. Games are often played at the state-owned stadium Amigão.
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