20 Things to install on a Fresh Ubuntu install

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The internet is full of these lists where each time an Ubuntu release is launched, they are re branded with the new release name and number and shipped out. So what makes this list different?
Firstly almost all of these lists have the same apps on them, these are not necessary the best out there, or what you need and in many examples won't even give you the best experience you can get.

This is a list created by someone who actually uses Ubuntu as a daily driver and I use these apps daily.


Swapped vscode for vscodium

Updated Hiri information

Added information on Bpytop as a Bashtop port.

Spotted some more spelling mistakes

The List

1. BlueMail (Free)

Bluemail is an app I used on android for many years and recently i've started using it on Ubuntu. Its a great app if you have multiple mail accounts across multiple platforms as it has support for almost all the major mail platforms and provides views in either per mailbox or as a unified view.

Until recently it was also one of the few mail clients on Ubuntu which supported Google with Advanced security mode enabled. (At the time of writing a bug has stopped this, however Bluemail have responded that they are looking into it)

The interface also has a dark mode which works really well with (K)ubuntu dark themes.

2. Nemo (Free)

As someone who prefers using KDE to Gnome and one fo the reasons for that preference is Dolphin as KDE's File manager. I always find Nautilus so underwhelming on Gnome.

One of the first things I do is set Nemo as the default file manager.

As well as providing a fuller featured experience Nemo also has a quite nice plugins architecture and the two pane view is also a nice feature.

3. Standard Notes (Free/Paid)

I take a lot of notes and the primary thing i want my notes to be is available on any platform I use. Standard notes does this. It syncs to the cloud as an encrypted blog, supports 2FA login, loads of plugins (Paid version) which add different editors, dark themes and much more

the Search engine within the application is really good and using hashtags to group notes works really well

4. Hiri (Trial/Paid)

Hiri is a mail app specifically for…
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