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2021 Tesla Model Y Standard Range Gets EPA Efficiency Rating

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The 2021 Tesla Model Y Standard Range (rear-wheel drive) has recently received an official EPA range and efficiency rating listed on the EPA's website.
The manufacturer does not encourage customers to buy this version (it's not available in the online design studio and hasn't been since February), but there might be an option to order it through direct contact with Tesla (though some encountered difficulties with it).

Anyway, the "SR" version is the most efficient Model Y, as it has smaller battery and noticeably lower weight (single drive unit in the rear, instead of two probably helps a bit as well).

2021 Tesla Model Y Standard Range

The EPA Combined range value is 244 miles (393 km), but the more important EPA Highway range is 222.1 miles (357 km), which is over 27% less than 305.5 miles (492 km) than in the case of the Long Range AWD version.

The combined energy consumption is estimated at 129 MPGe: 261 Wh/mi (162 Wh/km).

Mark Kane
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