2022 Ford Maverick: Is this pickup a Honda Civic and used-car rival?

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Commentary: With base price of around $20,000 and an estimated 40-mpg rating, Ford's small hybrid pickup may invite some unusual cross-shopping.
Among us professional car reviewers, it's standard practice to lump new vehicles into classes composed of similar models in order to help consumers make sense of everything. We group similarly minded, similarly priced family sedans together, and we do the same with SUVs, minivans, sports cars, full-size pickups and luxury sedans, too. Every once in a while, though, while still helpful, this type of classification process doesn't really serve to put a vehicle's attributes in proper context, let alone help figure out who that vehicle is likely to be purchased by. That may just be the case with the new 2022 Ford Maverick compact pickup, because it's so jarringly different.

Ford's new compact unibody pickup truck carries a rock-bottom manufacturer suggested retail price of $21,490 ($19,995 plus $1,495 delivery), and it features a standard hybrid powertrain. That's right, America's least-expensive full hybrid is actually also America's least-expensive pickup. Said another way, that means the front-wheel-drive Maverick is priced like a rule-breaker, and with an estimated 40 mpg in city driving, it's an absolute curve-wrecker when it comes to pickup-truck efficiency metrics, too.

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Unibody pickups have traditionally been a very tough sell in the US, and today, the only other trucks on the market that aren't traditional body-on-frame construction that are even vaguely similar to the 2022 Maverick are the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz and the larger 2021 Honda Ridgeline. Neither model features an electrified powertrain, and neither line up all that cleanly in terms of size, capability and mission. We already know that the AWD-only Honda Ridgeline is much costlier and more powerful, starting at $37,665 ($36,490 plus $1,175 delivery), and while it hasn't been priced yet, the Hyundai Tucson-based Santa Cruz is likely to be thousands more, too. You can see how these trucklets match up in our spec comparison and judge for yourself -- this isn't F-150 versus…
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