2022 Lexus ES gets a big touchscreen, new safety tech and minor styling updates

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The 2022 ES looks like a better luxury car than ever before.

Throughout its 30-year history, the Lexus ES has earned an unfair reputation of being a relatively boring sedan. But the truth is the ES is a truly fantastic luxury car. That's why we're excited about Sunday's debut of the 2022 ES: The changes here aren't massive from a technology or styling standpoint, but they should go quite a way toward making the ES even more relentlessly competent. The ES will likely remain the most "Lexus" Lexus, which is to say quiet, comfortable, well-built and endlessly reliable -- all good things.

The exterior styling changes for the 2022 Lexus ES are subtle. There are new, more angular headlights and a new pattern for the corporate Predator -- sorry, Spindle grille. Lexus calls this pattern mesh, but it's more like an egg crate.

Where things actually get compelling is in the cabin. Finally, the central…
Kyle Hyatt
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