3 Dead: What We Know About Shooting at Southeast Florida Publix

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Three people died — including a child — in a shooting at the Royal Palm Beach Publix on June 10, 2021.
On June 10, 2021, a man opened fire inside a southeast Florida supermarket, killing a woman and a child before killing himself, according to authorities.

As of this writing, the incident at a Publix store remained under investigation. The identities of the gunman and victims remained unknown, as well as the circumstances under which he opened fire. Here's what was known about the incident:

Shortly after 12:30 p.m. (EDT), the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, which provides law enforcement for the area, tweeted:

Around the same time, the department said in a Facebook post that its "Violent Crimes Division" was at the Publix in Royal Palm Beach (a middle-class suburb of roughly 40,000 people within Palm Beach County), and "in the beginning stages of determining what led up to the shooting."

Soon after that, various news outlet recirculated the gist of the sheriff's office's social media posts — that a gunman stormed the supermarket,…
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