3 outdoor smart plugs to schedule your Christmas lights

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We're serious, Clark. Smart plugs make managing outdoor decorations a breeze with scheduling, voice control and more.
Smart plugs turn regular devices and appliances into a working, automated part of your smart home. Create scenes, schedules and custom voice commands to turn on nearly anything you can plug into a standard wall outlet. Whether you have Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri in your home, there's a plug out there that will work with your platform.

When it comes to smart plugs for outdoor devices, the options are a bit more limited. You can still find a plug for your needs that can withstand the elements, but you'll likely pay more than you would for an indoor plug.

Buying an outdoor plug is a great investment in your smart home year-round. Sure, these plugs are awesome for holiday lights, but they can smarten your summer cookouts or fall tailgates, too.

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