5 Google Chrome Alternatives That Do Things Better

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The Chrome browser is stable and secure, but that comes at the expense of RAM usage and privacy, since Google can see most of what you do on it. Here are 5 top alternatives to Chrome and why you should consider them.
Unless you are reading this on an Apple device, chances are you are using Google Chrome, and we can't blame you. Built upon Google's open-source Chromium project, the browser is generally stable and secure, with the crashing of one tab not affecting the others, and one malicious site having a hard time stealing information used in another. In fact, most of Chrome's competitors, including Microsoft Edge, are based on Chromium.

Google is also good at creating the illusion of speed with prediction algorithms that preload parts of web pages that you are likely to visit. With a minimalistic design, you'll feel at home with Chrome no matter what type of device you are using it on, and the built-in integration with other Google services and mobile browsing can be very convenient.

Chrome's advantages come at a cost however: the browser runs a separate process for every tab you open and every extension that you install. Every such process consumes RAM, and Chrome offers no easy way to limit RAM usage, or even reduce it temporarily without third-party extensions.

Perhaps a bigger problem is privacy: everything you do in Chrome, including every character you type into the address bar, is recorded by Google and linked specifically to you. Especially if you use other Google services, you may not want the data to be cross-referenced. Mobile platforms have several great private browsers, including Bromite, Firefox Focus and DuckDuckGo, but very few Windows browsers truly protect your privacy, and it's important that you know what they are.

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In addition, you may find Chrome too limiting: it won't let you add a search field to the navigation bar, making it hard to search for the same term on several websites without space-consuming extensions. It also won't let you add buttons to launch a new private window, show your bookmarks or clear your recent browsing data, or even create more sensible keyboard shortcuts for those.

Several other browsers do certain…
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