7 Podcasts About the Wonders of Science

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Despite the darkness of the past year, this is a triumphant moment for science, and these shows spotlight the humanity behind it.
Starter episode: "Urban Rodentology"

The premise behind this decade-old show is simple: We all have science stories to tell, because simply existing in the world means we're interacting with science all the time. The Story Collider is a nonprofit group founded by two physicists who wanted to amplify personal stories that "spark emotional connections to science," a mission encapsulated by its podcast. Most episodes present two stories that share a common thread about the human experience behind scientific experiments, interactions with animals or how biological impulses shape our lives. Since November, the show has been dedicated to telling "Stories of Covid-19" from different angles, such as the pandemic's impact on different generations or how society adapts to a new normal.

Starter episode: "Celebrating 10 Years: Our Favorite Stories"

The title might sound hyperbolic, but it's generally pretty accurate. In each episode of this show from iHeartRadio, the hosts, Robert Lamb and Joe McCormick, tackle a different scientific phenomenon, mystery or quandary that will expand your understanding of how the world works. "Deep in the back of your mind, you've always had the feeling that there's something strange about reality," reads the show's official…
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