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A Conservative Court and Trump's Own Appointees Declare Their Independence

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The Supreme Court's dismissal of President Trump's claims of immunity was a reminder that institutional prerogatives still matter in Washington, even in a time of extreme partisanship.
But the two justices only followed in the footsteps of their predecessors by rejecting the president who put them on the court. While each of them has generally sided with Mr. Trump since taking office, in this case they drew a line. Neither is personally close to Mr. Trump nor is either thought to be much of an admirer of the president, so some saw the decision as a way to distance themselves.

"My guess is their feeling about him is, 'We intend to be on this court long after he is a bad memory, and if his administration is about to come crashing down, we might as well have been people who weren't willing to completely blow up the Constitution for him,'" said Richard Primus, a constitutional scholar at the University of Michigan Law School, adding…
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