A man allowed the Wisconsin crash suspect into his home after the deadly incident. He says the suspect asked is "something going on downtown?"

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A Wisconsin resident who allowed Darrell Brooks into his home said he was shocked when he discovered who he had helped.
Brooks, 39, is accused of intentionally plowing his SUV through parade-goers in Waukesha, killing five and injuring dozens.

Daniel Rider said he was sitting in his living room watching the Dallas Cowboys play the Kansas City Chiefs when Brooks knocked on his door, asking for help. He had no clue about the mayhem that unfolded downtown just moments earlier. Rider said his mom told him the message of a church sermon about helping the homeless.

"So I was like, 'Oh! This was my chance to help somebody. I'm going to warm him up and give him some food,'" Rider told David Begnaud, lead national correspondent for CBS Mornings.

The encounter, captured on a Ring doorbell camera, occurred moments after the deadly crash at the Christmas parade.…
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