A Preventable Atrocity in Waukesha

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A violent career criminal took advantage of a soft-on-crime legal system and went on a murderous rampage.
Sometimes, we in our shop will refrain from covering an important story because it's too new, too fresh, and too murky. Such was the case yesterday morning when we waited to weigh in on the atrocity that took place in the Milwaukee suburb of Waukesha. There, on Sunday afternoon, folks young and old were enjoying the town's annual Christmas parade when a violent career criminal named Darrell Brooks, a Black Lives Matter supporter who'd posted bail just two days earlier, bypassed a barricade and drove his red SUV straight through the crowd of revelers, killing five and injuring dozens.

Was the attack racially motivated? We don't yet know. But the same mainstream media that was so eager to inject race into the Kyle Rittenhouse trial — a trial in which a 17-year-old white kid shot three white thugs in self-defense — seems suspiciously uninterested in asking any questions about the motivations of the Waukesha assailant.

As the Wall Street Journal editorial board reports: "Police say 39-year-old Darrell Brooks faces five counts of intentional homicide, and more lives are in jeopardy in area hospitals. The dead include members of the Dancing Grannies, a fixture at the annual parade and other Milwaukee-area events. Eighteen children were admitted to a local children's hospital and trauma center, including 10 in intensive care."

Now that we know the what, the how, and the who, the questions that…
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