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In the classic movie "The Godfather," Michael Corleone travels to a small restaurant in the Bronx to meet with a rival Mafia boss. At the table the boss tells a corrupt policeman who is there to...
serve as a third-party witness that he is going to "speak to Michael in Italian." In the movie they switch languages to keep the policeman in the dark.

So I'm going to speak "Georgian," not to keep anyone out, but to hopefully add context to two situations that the media has been conflating.

First the recount. Despite assertions by Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and in the local media, the effort has been disingenuous. There was a failure to properly authenticate ballots. Finding thousands of uncounted ballots in the process doesn't help create confidence in what Georgia officials claim to be a smooth process.

In addition, post-election data shows that some 15,000 individuals who no longer live in Georgia voted in the recent general election. Another 8,800 inactive voters mysteriously cast a vote in this cycle. Some 14,000 "low propensity" voters who basically have not voted in 10 years also participated. Almost all of those votes were cast before the November 3 same-day voting.

None of this suspicious activity could change the course of a recount in which not enough monitors were provided. And in many of the larger counties, monitors were forced to observe from a distance where they could not see the ballots. Signature verification was not even considered. But those lists of non-resident, inactive, and other so-called "miracle" voters could have their status challenged for the upcoming runoff, if done so quickly. That is not voter "suppression." It's enforcing the basic integrity of the election process.

A recent InsiderAdvantage poll showed that only half of Georgia voters believe the results of the November election were fair and accurate. Among Republicans, this figure was more than 70%. So that's the landscape as we enter the runoff stage in an election that will determine control of the U.S. Senate.

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