A roadmap for regaining public trust in the tech sector

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Where does tech go from here?
Faith in the tech industry — the private sector's unchallenged trust leader since at least 2000 —has declined for two years straight, even as tech adoption has accelerated. The steepest decline was in the United States, where tech went from being the most trusted industry to barely remaining in the top 10. The reasons why are varied and interconnected. Ultimately, though, it comes down to the fact that technology is embedded in every aspect of our lives. As a result, tech companies are entrenched in very high-stakes personal and social issues, including climate change, human rights, privacy, anti-trust efforts and the spread of misinformation.

About the author Christoph Schell is the Chief Commercial Officer of HP, Inc.

The decline in trust isn't a problem companies can innovate their way out of. For the tech industry to regain the trust advantage, we must be willing to transform, letting go of long-held assumptions and embracing a new set of values and responsibilities.

A new model of transparency

In technology, we are accustomed to inserting complex systems behind user-friendly interfaces. But concerns about data security, privacy and tracking now oblige us to show users what's happening under the hood. Similarly, we can empower users to make informed decisions with a combination of transparency and education. For instance, we need to bring data information out of the fine print and into plain language, giving users an intelligible picture of how their…
Christoph Schell
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