'A war against everyone.' What to know about young people who have died from COVID-19

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The majority of people who die from coronavirus are elderly, but young people are also dying. Hear from families and loved ones of some of the young people who have died from COVID-19.
Young people are not immune to the effects of coronavirus, which has killed more than 40,000 people worldwide as of March 31, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The death rate for 20-44 year olds for coronavirus in the United States is 0.1 percent, but parents and loved ones of young adults who have died from the virus are trying to warn the public about how much harm it can cause.

Silvia Melendez, 24

Five people in the Melendez household contracted COVID-19, including the 24-year-old Silvia, who had diabetes and heart surgery two years earlier, her family told The Salt Lake Tribune.

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Melendez was hospitalized after having breathing problems and her blood pressure continued to drop after receiving a breathing tube, the girlfriend of one of Melendez's brothers told the Tribune.

"Her oxygen level started getting better, but the last day her heart started beating too fast," Angelica Macias told the Tribune.

A GoFundMe for her funeral costs states Melendez "was one of the most loving, thoughtful, kind-hearted people."

"I think everyone should be worried about it, because everybody has loved ones," one of her brothers, Xander Melendez, told KUTV.

Ben Luderer, 30

A high school baseball coach in New Jersey, Luderer was "healthy, strong, athletic," his former coach told NJ.com.

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