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Erika Becerra gave birth to a healthy son, but died of the coronavirus before she could hold him. Becerra had no underlying health conditions.
Erika Becerra, 33, delivered her son on November 15, and was on a ventilator for 18 days with COVID-19 before she died.

Becerra had no underlying health conditions, and leaves behind an infant and one-year-old.

Although most pregnant women with COVID-19 will not have complications, pregnancy increases the risk for serious symptoms of the virus and even death.

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The joy of welcoming a new baby turned to heartbreak for one Detroit family after a woman delivered a healthy baby boy, but died from COVID-19 before ever being able to hold him.

Erika Becerra, of Detroit, contracted the coronavirus when she was eight months pregnant. She almost immediately had severe symptoms and was hospitalized. As her symptoms got worse, the doctors realized that they needed to deliver her baby early, her brother told KCBS-TV in Los Angeles.

"The weekend came along and the doctor saw she wasn't getting any better. They had to think about the baby," Michael Avilez told KCBS.

After being induced, Becerra gave birth to Diego Antonio Becerra, who was healthy. However, her health continued to decline, despite the fact that she had no preexisting conditions, Avilez…
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