ABC News suspends journalist over 'socialist' remarks in Project Veritas sting
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The video appears to show David Wright and one of his producers criticizing the network's political coverage.
In the seven-minute video, which features choppy editing and only the occasional glimpse of the face of the man identified as Wright, the correspondent is also asked whether he would consider himself a democratic socialist, the ideology claimed by Democratic presidential frontrunner Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

"Like, more than that, I consider myself a socialist," Wright appears to respond, explaining that he favors "national health insurance," "reining in corporations" and narrowing the wealth gap.

Wright has been with ABC News since 2000, according to a biography on the network's website, and his reporting has been featured on all of the network's biggest platforms, including "World News Tonight" and "Good Morning America." He served as the lead political reporter for "Nightline" during the 2016 elections, and has also reported abroad on international affairs.

Wright and a man identified as producer Andy Fies also discuss a bevvy of complaints about broadcast news, many of which echo widespread gripes about the horserace nature of political journalism writ large.

They had especially harsh words for their employer about its coverage of President Donald Trump, who Wright at…
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