Advertising has been self-isolating for years
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Why does everyone feel the need to do endless preambles, never getting to the point?

Take YouTube for instance.

The title "The 10 Biggest Mistakes in History" looks interesting, so I click on it.

This takes me to a full-colour visual, illustrating: "The 10 Biggest Mistakes in History."

I click on that and it goes to a title sequence, complete with music, announcing: "The" – "10" – "Biggest" – "Mistakes" – "In" – "History" massive drumroll, mix through to announcer, head and shoulders.

He slowly begins: "History is a record of the past, both good and bad, great achievements and great mistakes…" This goes on for several minutes until we get anywhere near the actual list of: "The 10 Biggest Mistakes in History."

I've had four introductions, by which time I've usually turned off.

Why do I need four stages of people telling me what they're going to be telling me?

Just get to the point, don't keep giving me introductions – all they do is waste my time and get in the way.

Which is exactly how we do advertising: we waste time, and money, and get in the way.

Take the coronavirus pandemic.

Years ago, the government was expecting a bird flu pandemic.

Dave Trott
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