Amazon's Cinderella Is Extra Bad
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And the Cinderella of the insane attends a fancy ball.
Camila Cabello and Nicholas Galitzine star in Cinderella. (Kerry Brown/Amazon)

Amazon's new Cinderella is radical. Bad as it is, it dares to eliminate even the fantasy basis of traditional ethics, goodness, and scruples. First, this ruthlessly woke Cinderella checklists a Latina heroine (Camila Cabello) and a British prince (Nicholas Galitzine). The casting choices purposely avoid traditional, Anglo-Saxon whiteness, which Hollywood now considers "supremacist" — as if Latin America and Great Britain did not have their old class and race issues.



This retelling of the 18th-century Charles Perrault tale flaunts its modernization most spectacularly (insultingly) through the gender-fluid fairy-godmother character (Billy Porter) who grants Cinderella's wishes. Porter paraphrases the new Tiffany jewelry-store ads: "This is not your mother's" Cinderella, mother.

Amazon's radicalism is to be expected — but not to be shrugged off, although many will by automatically dismissing it as a sub-Disney version. Still, it's worth noting precisely how low the Amazon remake sinks. Simply bashing its ineptitude would be predictable, especially after Disney's insipid 2014 live-action Beauty and the Beast, whose ghastly style director-writer Kay Cannon emulates.

The rags-to-riches story is reimagined through faddish politics, going against the idealistic values formerly associated with the "Cinderella" tale. Cannon is never so clever and culturally challenging as Anne Fontaine, in her…
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