America's Critical Race Delusion Must Be Stopped.
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Indoctrinating our youth into thinking that America is fundamentally racist is not the solution to failing schools.
According to information obtained from a Buffalo Public Schools district whistleblower instead of working on practical measures to improve the district's dismally low academic performance, administrators have implemented "equity based instructional strategies." The centerpiece of this view is that "America is built on racism," a view propagated by district diversity czar Fatima Morrell. She has also proclaimed that "America's sickness" leads some to believe that blacks are "not human," making it easier to "shoot someone in the back seven times if you feel like it."

The view that education should be shaped through a framework that claims to resolve racial disparities is an appeal to an emerging scholarship known as critical race theory (CRT). This story is an all too common one in which American public institutions are being plagued by this ahistorical anti-American ideology. It is a negativist theory that relies on the ability to find racism in every facet of society and is propped up daily by divisive media talking heads who push discordant content for views and clicks.

Not only has critical race theory regressed the national conversation on race, but it's regressed the national conversation in general. Consider for a moment how, just last week, a member of the White House press corps asked Press Secretary Jen Psaki to respond to the profoundly stupid criticism that vaccinating teachers first is "anti-equity" because most teachers are white. The question was inspired by criticism from infectious disease specialist Dr. Celine Gounder, a health "equity" activist who spends quite a bit of time on the media circuit. Gounder is a critical race theorist who hosts a podcast called American Diagnosis, which claims to expose how health is influenced by institutional racism. "Poor health? It isn't random," the show's blurb claims. "[W]e're talking about the divide between the people who'll live long and healthy lives and those who won't.

Racism in medicine is very real…
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