An AnandTech Interview with Jim Keller: 'The Laziest Person at Tesla'
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I've spoken about Jim Keller many times on AnandTech. In the world of semiconductor design, his name draws attention, simply by the number of large successful projects he has worked on, or led, that have created billions of dollars of revenue for those respective companies. His career spans DEC, AMD, SiByte, Broadcom, PA Semi, Apple, AMD (again), Tesla, Intel, and now he is at Tenstorrent as CTO, developing the next generation of scalable AI hardware. Jim's work ethic has often been described as 'enjoying a challenge', and over the years when I've spoken to him, he always wants to make sure that what he is doing is both that challenge, but also important for who he is working for. More recently that means working on the most exciting semiconductor direction of the day, either high-performance compute, self-driving, or AI.

Jim Keller

CTO Tenstorrent

Ian Cutress


I have recently interviewed Tenstorrent's CEO, Ljubisa Bajic, alongside Jim discussing the next generation of AI semiconductors. Today we're publishing a transcript of a recent chat with Jim, now five months into his role at Tenstorrent, but moreso to talk about Jim the person, rather than simply Jim the engineer.

Jim Keller: Work Experience AnandTech Company Title Important

Product 1980s 1998 DEC Architect Alpha 1998 1999 AMD Lead Architect K7, K8v1

HyperTransport 1999 2000 SiByte Chief Architect MIPS Networking 2000 2004 Broadcom Chief Architect MIPS Networking 2004 2008 P.A. Semi VP Engineering Low Power Mobile 2008 2012 Apple VP Engineering A4 / A5 Mobile 8/2012 9/2015 AMD Corp VP and

Chief Cores Architect Skybridge / K12

(+ Zen) 1/2016 4/2018 Tesla VP Autopilot

Hardware Engineering Fully Self-Driving

(FSD) Chip 4/2018 6/2020 Intel Senior VP

Silicon Engineering ? 2021 Tenstorrent President and CTO TBD

Topics Covered

AMD, Zen, and Project Skybridge

Managing 10000 People at Intel

The Future with Tenstorrent

Engineers and People Skills

Arm vs x86 vs RISC-V

Living a Life of…
Dr. Ian Cutress
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