[ANNOUNCEMENT] GDB 11.1 released!

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] GDB 11.1 released!

GDB 11.1 released! Release 11.1 of GDB, the GNU Debugger, is now available. GDB is a source-level debugger for Ada, C, C++, Fortran, Go, Rust, and many other languages. GDB can target (i.e., debug programs running on) more than a dozen different processor architectures, and GDB itself can run on most popular GNU/Linux, Unix and Microsoft Windows variants. GDB is free (libre) software. You can download GDB from the GNU FTP server in the directory: ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gdb The vital stats: Size md5sum Name 22MiB 257cb0f67927f79acf636d8c01e19990 gdb-11.1.tar.xz 37MiB eb6596d83bdccea06caa6d49d923e119 gdb-11.1.tar.gz There is a web page for GDB at: https://www.gnu.org/software/gdb/ That page includes information about GDB mailing lists (an announcement mailing list, developers discussion lists, etc.), details on how to access GDB's source repository, locations for development snapshots, preformatted documentation, and links to related information around the net. We will put errata notes and host-specific tips for this release on-line as any problems come up. All mailing lists archives are also browsable via the web. GDB 11.1 includes the following changes and enhancements: * Support for ARM Symbian (arm*-*-symbianelf*) has been removed. * Building GDB now requires GMP (The GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library). * New command-line options "--early-init-command" (or "-eix") and "--early-init-eval-command" (or "-eiex") * GDB/MI Changes: ** New --qualified option for the '-break-insert' and '-dprintf-insert' commands. ** New --force-condition option for the '-break-insert' and '-dprintf-insert' commands. ** New --force option for the '-break-condition' command. ** The '-file-list-exec-source-files' now accepts an optional regular expression to filter the source files included in the result. ** The results from…
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