Apple updates macOS Safari with a new look
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Apple has released a new version of Safari for macOS, version 15. It brings new features, as well as a big design change from the previous version. Here's how to tone the changes down if it doesn't suit you.
Apple has released a redesigned version of Safari for macOS Big Sur and Catalina. The update, announced as part of the upcoming macOS Monterey, was released the same day as iOS and iPadOS 15, bringing the web browser's new look and features across Apple's platforms.

To update to the new Safari 15, you can go to System Preferences > Software Update, where it should automatically refresh and show up. Unlike updates to macOS, you shouldn't have to reboot your computer after updating Safari.

The development behind this version of Safari has been interesting. The full OS update that it was originally a part of, which also brings features like Universal Control and Quick Notes, isn't here yet, but Apple decided to ship the new Safari anyway. For…
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