Apple Wallet Users in Spain May Store Their EU Certified COVID-19 Passport
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Apple Wallet is now endorsed by several countries such as Canada, US, the UK, and Australia.
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Apple is expanding its Wallet feature in the EU. On Aug. 13, Spain rolled out the feature to its citizens to make it easier to present their vaccine passports.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate was launched in July to deliver proof of vaccination to people living in EU member nations.

Apple Wallet Supports EU COVID-19 Passports

The COVID-19 passports are available in paper and digital format, and health authorities issue them.

The passports serve as proof that the holder has been fully vaccinated, got a negative test result, or just recovered from COVID-19.

A unique QR code is attached with each certificate to ensure its authenticity.

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The certificates allow people living within EU nations to move freely and cross borders. It also helps to facilitate the lifting of restrictions when needed.

While the digital format can be stored on any phone, individual EU countries can choose to implement support for digital wallets like Apple Wallet.

Users can also use third-party systems like Your Pass to create a Wallet pass from an existing Digital COVID-19 certificate.

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