Apple Watch Series 7's upgrades don't seem that dramatic: Everything Apple's changing
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The newest watch starts at $399 and isn't coming until later in the fall. If you were considering a Series 6, you may want to wait a bit.
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Apple Event

The Apple Watch Series 7 starts at $399 and is coming later in the fall. It was announced at Apple's event on Tuesday. But the changes don't seem that dramatic. It has a larger display with thinner bezels, a faster-charging battery that promises 8 hours of use after 8 minutes of charging and a more crack-resistant front crystal. But the battery life -- 18 hours -- is the same as last year's watch. There are also new colors for the aluminum case: blue, green, midnight (black), starlight (a gold-silver blend), and product red. You can add still more expensive upgrades to steel and titanium-cased versions, too.

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Apple looks like it's staying the course on the rest of the watch's design, contrary to earlier reports of a massively revamped flat design. For anyone expecting a whole new watch (as I was), the seemingly small updates seem like a disappointment. But Apple's made small changes year-over-year to previous Apple Watches. The only thing truly new about last year's Apple Watch Series 6 was the addition of estimated blood oxygen. This year, the updates seem sparse, too, and it doesn't look that different from a casual distance. The promises of better durability and faster charging do seem useful, although probably not enough for most to consider an upgrade from a recent model.

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A larger display

The larger screen should allow more readable and detailed watch faces, notifications and apps, much like the Series 4's size increase a few years ago. Apple says it's 20% larger than the Series 6, and 50% larger than…
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