Are Democrats sitting on claims to derail Barrett nomination?
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MARTHA MACCALLUM, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: We do have a busy night for you folks. Good evening, everybody. I'm Martha

MacCallum in New York and this is THE STORY. As we sit 20 days before this

presidential election of 2020, President Trump has been crossing the

country this week. In moments, he will touch down in Iowa. And we are told

by our own reporter John Roberts that the president on the plane has been

reworking a huge chunk of his speech tonight. He will be as you might

expect focusing on this news story, a bombshell report published by The New

York Post reported by them earlier today.

So that report reveals alleged emails between Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden

and a Ukrainian businessman that discussed a meeting with the former vice

president. The Biden campaign pushing back on this report tonight.

Otherwise though they were not on the campaign trail throughout the course

of today.

We're going to have much more on this story, including the president's

speech as soon as he takes the stage there in Des Moines, Iowa tonight, so

we can hear his response. It'll be the first time he's really reacting to

any of this. So, stay tuned for that newsworthy event in just a little


So, tomorrow, both Joe Biden and the president will have town halls on the

night that was supposed to be the second presidential debate. So that

leaves just one more matchup between these two individuals and that will be

next week in Nashville, Tennessee.

So, let's swing our attention for a moment here back to Capitol Hill today.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett now done with the question and answer, two very

long days throughout which she was very composed and answered those

questions in a very solid manner. I think both sides would say over the

course of this process, we're going to kick off with an observation that

was made at the…
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