As Paper Bag Supply Chains Suffer, Packaging Supplier Creative Retail Packaging Gets Strategic
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Paper bags are just another inventory item causing supply chain headaches for retail and restaurant buyers, but packaging suppliers such as Creative Retail Packaging are finding solutions in strategic ways.
Domestic factories are projecting shortages of up to 5 years. We've seen many US manufacturers de-prioritize standard retail bag sizes and drop some clients completely from their production schedules.

Consumer demand bounced back better than expected this year, as stores reopened following 2020's COVID-19 closures. Retail sales are through the roof as shoppers rush to make up for the time spent not spending. Yet, while this should be great news for retailers, supply chains worldwide were caught unprepared for the surge. One high-demand inventory item that made the list was – and continues to be – the paper shopping bag.

From raw materials shortages to port congestions and astronomical freight costs, the paper bag shortage is just another part of the aftermath of today's global supply chain bottleneck. On top of that, domestic paper bag manufacturers are adding even more stress to supply chain woes by pushing mid-size companies aside in favor of more lucrative business.

Many retailers have been left empty-handed or scrounging for solutions, desperate to avoid leaving customers with no way of carrying purchased goods out of their stores – or worse, discourage customers from visiting their stores in the first place.

Desperate for solutions, buyers are looking everywhere they can for bags. Many are finding success through outsourcing their packaging procurement to strategic sourcing partners. Creative Retail Packaging (CRP) is one such supplier that pairs mid- to large-scale businesses with custom packaging factories. During the past year, the company has shifted its focus largely to paper bags, flexing their problem-solving…
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