As press embraces Biden agenda, White House leaks have disappeared
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The Biden White House has been remarkably leak-free so far
The headline at the top of Politico yesterday read like it could have been scripted at the White House:

"Biden Wants to Cement a Governing Majority. His Build Back Better Bill is His Plan to Do It."

That ran next to an equally uplifting headline, "Chuck Schumer is Thinking Big—Gridlocked Senate Be Damned," based on an interview with the majority leader.

The first story zoomed in on the president's $2-trillion infrastructure plan, saying it "doesn't just attempt to turn decades-old progressive policy pursuits into law. Aides and operatives inside and out of the White House are coming to view it as an ambitious political play to cement, and even expand, the coalition of voters that delivered Democrats to power in November."

Various Democrats are quoting salivating over this "once-in-a-generation opportunity," with a couple of Republican dissenters lower down.

The point is not to beat up on Politico but to describe the friendly media climate in which the new president is pushing a massive amount of spending. Forget about Donald Trump; I can't imagine George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan getting this kind of warm reception for their budget-cutting or tax-cutting. Rather than expressing sticker shock that Biden may seek as much as $4 trillion more for this bill and the next, on top of the $2-trillion Covid bill, the press is casting this…
Howard Kurtz
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