Atlanta restaurant to customers: No vaccination, no service
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This isn't the first business to require proof of vaccination upon entering, but there are so few out there that do so that it qualifies as news even in a major city when it happens....
As recently as two months ago, the logic of "no vax, no service" was hard to grasp. If the business owner and staff were immunized then they had nothing to fear from an unvaccinated person being in their presence. The same was true for any vaccinated customers, of course. The only people at risk from unvaccinated patrons were other unvaccinated patrons. They assumed that risk by declining to get their shots, so why should a business refuse to serve them? They weren't hurting anyone but themselves.

That calculus has changed with the emergence of the Delta variant. Because it's so contagious, the vaccinated are getting infected now too. Rarely do they become seriously ill when they are, but an outbreak of COVID at a business can grind operations to a halt. That's what happened at Argosy, the Atlanta restaurant that's now requiring evidence of vaccination from customers.

The decision came after four Argosy employees — co-owner Armando Celentano and three bartenders — recently tested positive for COVID-19. Each had been vaccinated, marking them as "breakthrough" cases. Celentano was tested after feeling ill. His positive result prompted a round of companywide testing. "We think we were exposed at different times to unvaccinated people," he said. "It is a question of quality of life and safety for my staff and guests," said Celentano, who is currently quarantining and experiencing mild symptoms that include a lack of smell, intermittent cough, lethargy, sinus pressure and swollen, light-sensitive eyes. "It's a privately owned, small business and I have to do what I think is right to protect the people who rely on me to make a living."… "I can't afford to continue shutting down due to COVID infections," said Celentano. He stated that the company lost "not just a few hundred or thousand, but tens of thousands of dollars in cost and labor in anticipation of a busy weekend."

Six months ago businesses had to worry about being forced to close by lockdown orders. Now they…
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