Author Edwin Daub's new book "The Last Season" is a compelling story following a professional baseball scout's journey at the end of a long career in the game he loves
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Recent release "The Last Season" from Page Publishing author Edwin Daub is a deeply human novel introducing Rocky, a veteran professional baseball scout whose new supervisor is looking to make major changes to the staff, likely replacing him and his contemporaries with younger, less experienced- and less expensive- hires. This evocative story of a man in the twilight of his career is an excellent read for avid realistic fiction readers.
Edwin Daub, a professor emeritus in Sports Studies and Physical Education and adjunct professor in the Sports Management department at SUNY Broome College who has been involved with baseball for decades, first as a player, longtime coach, manager/team owner, and for the past twenty-plus years as a professional baseball scout now dividing his time between beautiful upstate New York and the village of Blue Hill on the rocky coast of downeast Maine, where he lives with his wife, Mini, has completed his new book "The Last Season": a moving story brought to life with vivid details drawn from his own long career in baseball.

"The Last Season" takes you inside the world of professional baseball scouting. The reader travels with Rocky, the central figure, as he navigates through what may be his final season pursing his passion: scouting. Scouting has been his identity, his life. Is the inevitable end coming?

The reader will meet an array of characters: scouts, coaches, agents, players, and parents. All of…
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