Ayesha Curry reveals inspiration behind new Oakland store and cafe Sweet July

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Called Sweet July, the retail space shares the same name as Curry's food and lifestyle...
In late January, Ayesha Curry's new store and café opened in Uptown Oakland, selling home decor, jewelry, candles, books and coffee. magazine, which launched last April.

"In a way, the store is really the magazine brought to life," wrote the cookbook author and TV personality in an email to SFGATE. "It's filled with beautiful inspiration to act as a retreat for the Oakland community, similar to what I hope readers feel when they sit down and dive into one of our issues. ... I wanted it to be something the Oakland community could be proud of and somewhere where everyone could feel at home."

Sweet July — both the store and the magazine — is named after the month of Curry's wedding anniversary with NBA and Warriors star Steph Curry, and the month in which all three of her children were born. The magazine's goal, she writes, is "representation" and to be "a celebration of diversity and inclusivity."

Curry first announced her plans to open the brick-and-mortar store back in September, when she spoke with the Mercury News about her desire to…
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