Back At The Garden: Foo Fighters at 1st MSG show since COVID
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That was the resounding and rejuvenating spirit of the live music experience coming rocking back to life with the Foo Fighters at Madison Square Garden on Sunday night.
In times like these, you do indeed learn to live again.

Yes, on Father's Day evening, the grandaddy of all arenas held its first concert since COVID shut the party down in March 2020.

And after the Sunday-chill sounds of The Commodores' "Easy" set the mood for them to take the stage, the hard-rocking Foo Fighters didn't waste any time launching into what is probably their best-known tune, "Times Like These," which would typically have been saved for the end of the show. When the song was over, Foo frontman Dave Grohl raised his right arm triumphantly as a load roar let out across the Garden.

At that moment, no words were needed from Grohl — or anyone else. It was all about that roar, a communal release that concertgoers had been waiting 15 long months to have together again.

With Grohl seemingly not wanting to waste a minute talking when he and his band could at long last be playing to a live audience, the Foo Fighters kept on swinging, going straight from "Times Like These" into "The Pretender."

Fans walk past a digital display that reads, "rock and roll returns to the Garden tonight" at the Foo Fighters concert at Madison Square Garden. Getty Images

Then finally a revved-up Grohl…
Chuck Arnold
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