Be Thankful (Or Something)
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fairly easy
Some years are pretty easy to be thankful for – when things are going well, the country is thriving and people are better off than they were the year before.
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Then there are years like 2021, when the reasons to be thankful are harder, if not impossible, to find.

Joe Biden has been an unmitigated disaster. Has there been a president of the United States who's racked up more failures, obvious failures, in their first year than the sniffy, grope-loving creep with the crack addicted son who somehow manages to make millions of dollars in spite of his problems? The Biden family must be particularly thankful for him, or at least his not having overdosed since no one else named Biden seems competent enough to pull off the scams he's managed in order to keep the family wealthy.

But as president, he's horrible. Seemingly unaware of his surroundings or purpose in most appearances, he's the only person I've ever seen read a teleprompter like it's the first time he's not only seen that text that day, but it's the first time he's seen those words in his life. He confuses volume with emotion. Like fellow insincere grifter Hillary Clinton, he thinks if he yells or whispers, people will think he's being honest. But a lie is a lie, no matter its volume.

It's not just Biden's lack of volume control that is the problem, it's everything else too. If you set out to destroy a country, it's unclear what you'd do differently from Biden's actions. Joe is old enough to have seen the devastating impact of inflation and the causes behind it, yet he's doing every single one of them. The only thing working hard under the Biden administration is the…
Derek Hunter
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