Before His Disney+ Series, a Recap of Loki's MCU Journey
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Aside from the Avengers, no one has had as big an impact on the MCU as the God of Mischief. Now that he's getting his own spotlight, let's look back on all the mayhem he's been a part of.
Of all the MCU villains, none have had a shelf life quite like Loki Odinson (and the actor who plays him, Tom Hiddleston). Since Loki debuted in Thor in 2011, his effect on the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been rivaled only by Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. From a misunderstood little brother to an outright villain to basically a hero, Loki has been an intrinsic part of the Marvel story—and now, he's finally getting his own, much-deserved spotlight. The new Disney+ series Loki will continue the God of Mischief's adventures, picking up where he was last left in Avengers: Endgame and spiraling out with a story that'll change both the character and the entire MCU. But before Loki gets to fixing the universe's timelines, let's take a look back on how they got messed up in the first place, as well as everything else you need to remember about Marvel's most charismatic trickster.


The story of Loki starts as most stories between brothers do: with jealousy. As Thor is set to be crowned king, the longtime enemies of Asgard, the Frost Giants, sneak in and attack Odin's vault. Enraged, Thor takes Loki, Asgardian warrior Sif, and the Warriors Three to the Frost Giants' home of Jotunheim to take revenge, but it goes rather poorly. Thor is banished, while Loki discovers that he was born a Frost Giant and is indeed adopted. As Odin naps (it's a thing), Loki sneaks back down to Earth to tell Thor he can never return to Asgard. The God of Mischief then sneaks into Jotunheim to broker a deal with the leader of the Frost Giants to kill Odin, but when they arrive at Odin's bedside, Loki kills the Frost Giant leader instead. As it turns out, Loki was behind everything: ridden with jealousy, he orchestrated the break-in that ruined Thor's big day, and orchestrated the slaying of the leader of the Frost Giants behind Odin's back, all under the impression that it'd make him worthy of the crown in Odin's eyes. As Loki goes to deal a final blow to the Frost Giants by…
Jomi Adeniran
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