Ben Simmons Must Prove Now He Was Worth Keeping
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Daryl Morey didn't trade Ben Simmons for James Harden. The onus is now on him to prove his worth, Dan Roche argues.
Ben Simmons must prove now he was worth keeping originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

They had their chance. The Sixers were gifted a golden opportunity to make their franchise instant title contenders in acquiring James Harden from Houston.

It would have cost them a franchise cornerstone in Ben Simmons, and much more, judging from the king's ransom the Rockets received Wednesday in their blockbuster deal to jettison their lone star from Texas to the Nets. And it would have been worth it.

Now that they haven't, the ball lies squarely in Simmons' court.

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Since Daryl Morey considered Simmons too much to part with to acquire Harden – an NBA MVP and three-time scoring champion – Simmons must now show Morey that keeping him is ultimately worth it.

We all know what we're talking about here. He needs to expand his offensive game, outside the painted area.

Ben Simmons is extremely talented, but his mental block that stops him from taking virtually any shot outside the lane is crippling to his offensive game.

He has been in the NBA, healthy and otherwise, for…
Dan Roche
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